March 12th 2015 archive


Well here goes nothing! I’ve wanted to write a blog… for a long time in fact…. but never really had a reason to. Not that I’m not an interesting person (one of the most interesting in my own opinion!) , or don’t have anything to say (for anyone who knows me, there is probably a little snort at that statement,) I just never really had a reason. That was until March of last year when I had my beautiful daughter Irelynd. Suddenly, becoming a mother, I felt so empowered. I felt like I had just joined this secret society of Super Hero’s. One look at the other mother walking through Home Depot in the never ending search for her husband as well, and, without anything more than a glance, we immediately gravitate towards one another and start talking about milestones while the babies poke one another in the eyeballs, giggle, and try exchanging binkies. It’s awesome! Can it be challenging at times? Hell yeah it can! Is it always roses around here? Nope. But is it always worth it? Absolutely! Not only does having the GREATEST baby in the whole world help me get up and do everything all over again every single day, but it also helps I have an amazing husband to share this journey with. I love you Zach!

So… My site is very new and it will take me a bit to really get going, but here is what I hope to accomplish with Food Love & Babies. Firstly, a place where our family and friends can come and scope us out! If you have clicked on this and are enjoying, consider yourself a friend and I hope you will return when there is more. I want this to be a place where we as mothers can just help one another out and offer encouragement and advice. Whether it be questions from a first time mother trying to figure out breastfeeding or a seasoned mother trying to figure out breastfeeding with the newest addition (as I’ve heard it’s a whole new ball game everytime!) I will be posting recipes from my adventures in the kitchen, and hope to just touch on a little bit of everything. I dunno, I guess we will all see where this goes eh?

Oh and guys? If you stumble across this you are absolutely more than welcome as well! Who knows, I/We might be able to answer a question for you or you might enjoy some of the recipes that will get posted.

So I guess without further ado, let’s get this party started! Welcome to Food Love & Babies everyone. I hope you enjoy.