Let’s Shape it UP!

So. Back in January I started working out twice a week through our local BOCES. It has been great! Gives me a reason to get out of the house for an hour and also try to lose my mommy belly. You know, it never really bothered me that I had a pooch. I figured, “Hey I just had a baby.” Yeah, almost exactly a year ago!!! With Irelynds first birthday fast approaching I figured I needed to step it up a notch. I definitely couldn’t use the just had a baby excuse any longer. I mean, she is walking folks!  Enter….. Bikini Body Mommy. Guys this is a pretty cool challenge! You sign up at bikinibodymommy.com and this lady emails you daily work outs for FREE! Throughout the course of the challenge you see how real this woman is. Her toddler pops up from time to time, she pauses, struggles, but keeps going. She also posts pictures of herself throughout so you can see her progress as well. Talk about completely opening yourself up to the world right? The best part about the whole thing is while she definitely challenges and pushes you, these workouts are seriously only like 15 minutes from warm up to cool down! How neat is that?! If I can do fifteen minutes absolutely ANYONE can!

Now…. While I didn’t start blogging to let you all know how I’m going to be a sexy beast in a bikini this summer (LOLLOLLOL!) I think I might sporadically post about how it’s going. Maybe it will keep me a bit more accountable. Or maybe it will inspire another mommy to become a sexy fox after having her little bundle of joy! We will see.